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Value Yourself

Everytime my little girl looks in the mirror she giggles and smiles because she loves to see her reflection. Everytime she accomplishes something, she is praised and delights in that praise. She is so incredibly thankful to be Emily.
At the beginning of each MFR appointment, I ask my clients to look in the mirror so they can see the postural abnormalities that I see. This is also a chance for them to truly see themselves beyond when they look in the mirror to comb their hair or brush their teeth. I would estimate that 90% of the people do not like looking at their reflection. I would also guess that a significant number of people in general do not get or accept praise for their accomplishments and may not be thankful that they are who they are.
Imagine if every time a child was praised they did not accept that encouragement. Inside they would withdrawal and stop expressing their wants. In essence, they would suffocate themselves. Maybe they would become very negative, defensive, controlling due to lack of self-worth. What effect would this have on the world?
Now go look at yourself in the mirror. See all the wonderful features you have. Every curve, every wrinkle, every toe, finger, and hair on your body is perfect for you. Now, every positive comment you get, accept it for the truth. Then, pass a positive comment along. See if you can give as many positive comments as you receive. If you aren’t receiving any, then just keep giving them away and eventually they will come back to you. Most importantly, be thankful for being you. You are a gift to yourself and everyone you are around.

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