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Superman and Superwoman

The tail of Super Woman and Super Man
Super heroes that were here, there, and everywhere at just the right moment to save the day. They could anything including hold a full time job, manage household, stay physically fit which meant the probably were eating all the right foods, and function on no sleep. WOW! That’s what made them super. It’s also what makes them fictitious. No human being can do all of that and not spread themselves too thin and suffer mental anguish because they can’t find balance and do everything jut perfect.
So why do we try to be these super heroes?
This question can only be answered by you.
My reason will be different from yours and from someone else’s.
What would happen if we stopped
trying to be a super hero?
We may find balance, peace, and satisfaction knowing what we do has our undivided attention and the time to enjoy what we are doing.
This starts with Letting Go of unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves.
Peace, happiness, and fulfillment comes with letting go.
Look at how you want your life to be and let go of what is keeping you from that place of contentment.
Become a super hero for yourself.

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