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Give a Little and Take a Little

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Muscles work in the same way that giving and receiving does. In order for one muscle to contract, another muscle must lengthen. For instance, if we raise our leg up the quadriceps shortens, while the hamstring lengthens. The leg could not lift up if the hamstring did not lengthen. If both muscles were locked in place, there would be no forward movement.


Life is a give and take relationship as well. In order for one person to receive, another person has to give. Sometimes we need to give a little and other times, we need to take. When there is a balance in this relationship, there is harmony. We feel uplifted when we give and receive.

This holiday season, can you find harmony in giving and receiving? Here’s my holiday tip, if you can’t figure out the perfect gift for someone, wait. Give them a note that says, “You are so special to me that I want to find the perfect gift and celebrate you throughout the year. When I find that gift, you will receive it.” Better yet, you can just ask them what they really want. Forced gift-giving is never fun. If it doesn’t feel right, it may not be received as well as you would want. Sometimes the best gift of all is just being together in quality time.

So, you gotta give a little, take a little, and That’s The Glory of Love


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Thoughts

Stretch: Hug yourself and rock back and forth.

Exercise: Trunk rotations 6x in each direction. Make sure your core is on and you feel a stopping power as you rotate. Keep your arms out in front of you as if giving someone a hug.

Habitual change: If you happen to sit with your knees touching and your feet apart, separate your knees so your hips are aligned.

Perspective Enlightenment: Say to yourself, “I am good enough to receive”. This is the truth. You are worthy of all of God’s riches. It is a gift to receive.

This post coincides with week #1 of the Voyage to HEAL utilizing the breath for giving and receiving. The meditation goes along perfectly with this week’s message. Purchase just this chapter by clicking here

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL

Love, Jocelyn

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