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Take out the trash

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The lymphatic system is the body’s waste collector. It collects toxins, fats, fat solubles, water, and proteins from our body, filters them, creates leukocytes to fight infections, and then returns water and proteins to our heart to recirculate through the bloodstream. It’s a pretty amazing system to keep us healthy.  Notice that the first job of the lymphatic system is to collect what we do not need. It then sorts through it keeping only what is valuable. This allows the lymphatic system to create the leukocytes and supply our blood with nutrient-rich proteins which help build muscle and so many other things.

The waste must first be collected, though. So, this week, get rid of the garbage inside. Let go of negativity, stress, pressures to keep up with the holidays, grudges, and the need to force gift give. If the holidays drive you nuts, it’s in your power to just say no. Figure out what you want and get rid of the rest. There are so many holiday things to do, but doing them all may not be for you. So don’t do it all. Quality over quantity.

How do you stay healthy this holiday season? Nourish your soul by getting rid of what does not serve you well.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Thoughts

Stretch: This week the stretch is to lightly massage the lymphatic system. Please watch the video below.

Exercise: Get that core on when you are really taking the trash out. Anytime you lift, engage the core. When you are not active, turn it off.

Habit change: If you happen to sit with your knees resting against each other, try to sit another way. I have been seeing a lot of people lately that have their feet apart and their knees together. If this is you, try keeping your knees hip-width apart.

Perspective Enlightenment: It is my choice of how I will nourish my body. With everything you do and eat, say to yourself, “I will nourish my body and feed my soul”.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL




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