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Their purpose

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Their purpose

Everyone in our life has their purpose. Family members, friends, strangers that we see in the grocery store, people we meet for just a few moments, they all have their purpose in our lives. There is a book called “The Five People you meet in Heaven” by Mitch Album in which the lead character meets five people that altered the course of his life. Some he knew, some he didn’t, but their impact was significant.

Last week we focused on being thankful for being ourselves. This week, we will be thankful for the people in our lives. All week long, I challenge you to tell someone how they have impacted your life. Tell them what their purpose in your life is or was. Remember that you can talk to those people you do not have physical contact with that may no longer be in your life or may have passed on. Their impact is still great on you and had a lasting effect.

Here’s the catch, you must think in the positive. So, start with people you admire and feel brought nothing but light into your life. Then move onto those people whom your interactions may not have been exceptionally pleasant with, but think of what they taught you. What was the purpose of their presence in your life? Remember that everyone has a purpose in shaping your life. Be thankful and bless them for what they taught you and keep in the positive. There is no room in this world for the negative. Any negativity just feeds the beast. Love and be grateful.

Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks

Stretch: Dural tube. It’s my favorite and I am so grateful that I have this stretch.

Exercise: Squats. This is the greatest exercise to keep the quads strong so, as my Aunt Bonnie used to say, you never have to sit down on a public toilet. Make sure to keep your core lifted up and zipped up. Stand in front of a chair and as you go to sit down, stand back up before touching down. Do this 6x and/or hover above the chair for 10 seconds 3 times.

Habitual change: If you carry a wallet in your back pocket, move it to the front. If you carry your purse on one shoulder, put it over your head so it hangs across your chest distributing the weight. Also, empty your purse out to the least amount of items so it doesn’t weigh more than 2.2 lbs. Found on Sharp Hill Designs, a USDA study has found that the ideal weight of a handbag should be no more than 2.2 pounds, the average woman carries a handbag that weighs around 5.2 pounds. Chiropractors say your handbag should not exceed 10% of your body weight.

Perspective Enlightenment: Any person you come in contact with, say thank you for teaching me.

This week’s post coincides with week #10 of the Voyage to HEAL using the ball and foam roller with a focus on being thankful.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL




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