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You are not alone

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Isolating ourselves can feel as if no one has ever gone through what we went through. It makes us feel alone and hopeless. We disconnect with the world. This is the freeze response. It is a survival mode, not a thriving mode. When we are hurt really bad, we may need to isolate ourselves to process through our thoughts but know this, you are never alone. You are not the first nor the last person to experience life. We all have our challenges. We are all human. There is no need to hide your hurt. We’ve all been there at some point. Honesty is the best solution to breaking out of the freeze.

I have the unique opportunity to have grown up with my great aunts and uncles, have worked in long term care, most of my friends are older than me, and most of my clients are older than me. So, I have had a lifetime of exposure to people who have been there and done that with so many valuable words of wisdom to guide me along my path. I have always said that I can’t wait until I am 80 years old. All the things I will have learned through listening and experiencing. I find great comfort when I hear someone speak about a hardship they went through and have come out of that is similar to what I may be experiencing at that exact moment. I think to myself, “You went through that! I never would have thought that you would have that problem, too!” It gives me hope because I can see the other side out of my woes. 

If I isolate myself, I rob myself of the healing opportunity to know that there is a light at the other end. What we are going through now is just now. It may not be tomorrow or next week or next month or maybe not even next year. I will transform. Things will evolve. I am never alone. 

Christ came to this world as a child so that we may realize that God is in all of us. God lives inside of you as he did Jesus born into a human body just like you and me. We are all the love of God and God will always be with us, guiding us, loving us, supporting us, and showing us a better way so we can get passed the tough moments. Remember, you are never alone.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly thoughts:

Stretch: Pull your ears so you can hear the words that let you know you are not alone.

Exercise: Let’s feel supported and get our pelvic floor on by closing the elevator doors and lifting up. Here is a video from the Voyage to HEAL pelvic floor and core activation series. (You can purchase the entire 12-week process by Clicking here)

Habitual change: Turn on your core while lifting anything or while standing

Perspective Enlightenment: I am not alone. God and so many others are with me. I am normal.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL learning healthy everyday activities for life.













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