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Inner Peace Meditation CD


As your inner guide awakens, hear the words that will evoke the perspective enlightenment you have been waiting for as part of your Voyage to HEAL. Whether you are driving in your car, having quiet time in your day, or completing your myofascial release stretches, these 13 meditations will transform your thoughts from fear to love of yourself and others and bring your present into every moment. As the words become reality, you will see a shift in your outlook on life and how you view stress. This shift will bring you peace and harmony within the world around you. It really can happen. Slow down, listen, feel, and HEAL. All meditations are written out for you in the Voyage to HEAL Meditations Handout. Please view this before listening to Meditation #5: Vows of Armor so you can identify your vows of armor prior to this progressive muscle relaxation.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.



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