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Rewriting your story

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Perception is 9/10th of the law and sometimes our perception is off. It may be off 9/10th of the time depending on if the glass is half empty or half full.

Choose another story. Get rid of your old books and start new.

Last week I said goodbye to my dog, Hurricane Katrina. I so loved that crazy dog. I can remember her running through the fields chasing balls, swimming in the lake, contorting her body to catch a Frisbee, knocking me over as she smothered me with dogie kisses, and snuggling with me. The last 6 months were tough. All her adventures over the last 15 years were catching up with her and she hurt her back which led to 6 months of constant care carrying her up and down the steps, lifting her up when she fell over, holding her up as she ate, repositioning her when she got stuck against the wall in the middle of the night, and constantly medicating her to keep her pain at bay. It was rough on both of us in so very many ways.

I wished that I had ended it sooner so she wouldn’t have gotten to that point and that was actually a guiding factor for me. A good friend said, “No one ever says they did it too soon. It’s always I should have done it sooner.” Please know that taking care of Katrina, though tough, was an honor. I got to show her so much love and making the decision to end her suffering was the hardest gift I have ever given, but it was the right decision. As I said goodbye to her, my mind had a really tough time picturing her in her prime. I kept seeing this dog hobbling around in so much pain. I also thought of the lack of attention she got when the kids arrived. That isn’t how I wanted to remember my Katrina. I needed to rewrite my story.

So, I pulled out my journal. I began a conversation with my Katrina telling her how I felt and listening to her response. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote until the words of love, the truth, was spoken. I heard her say, “thank you. I’m ready to go whenever you are ready to let me go.” After she passed, I began looking through pictures of her in her prime and smiling. I watched videos of her. I lit a candle and prayed for her to be in heaven running happily. I kept picturing this and smiling as I gave gratitude for her presence in my life. I thought of my friend, Diana, sharing a story about one of her friends reminding her to give gratitude for an animal that they see has passed on. Thank them for the energy they gave. Wow! How to shift away from, poor animal, to saying thank you for your time here and the energy you gave.

There are many parts of my life that need rewriting so I can view them positively and carry that energy through. Holding onto negative memories is like lugging around Jacob Marley’s chains. The counselor I saw earlier this year said the number one indicator of divorce is negative memories. Divorce can be from a significant other, a friend, a job, or even yourself.  

Have you wrongfully made yourself guilty of crimes you haven’t committed because your perception told you that you were wrong? Have you taken the best of times and made them the worst of times? If so, then it’s time to rewrite your story. Time to rewrite your perception of you and the events of your life.

Think of something that you are constantly viewing negatively. It can be a person, place, time, or thing. Now rewrite that story by saying thank you. Write what you are thankful for about that person, place, time, or thing.

Feel the shift? Feel free to share in a comment below. Until then,

A world seen through rose-colored glasses is only as beautiful as we allow it to be. ~ your inner guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task


Stretch:  we are going to continue working with the eyes and you revisit or visit for the first time, this Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) video. As you watch this video, think about what is causing your strife and shifting your perception. This technique activates communication between the right and left brain allowing for a higher level of processing to get you out of fight, flight, or freeze. If this doesn’t resignate with you, there are shorter ones with different themes on my YouTube page Jocelyn Metzger under Meditations for your Voyage to HEAL. 

Exercise: Let’s get strong. The video below is the beginner core activation series from the Voyage to HEAL core activation exercises. Raise the pelvic floor. Lift yourself to a higher elevation. Be strong!

Habitual Change: Soften your eyes. Don’t squint. Wear sunglasses. There is a centered riding term called soft eyes and hard eyes. Soft eyes look at the entire picture. Hard eyes is a very narrow focus on one specific thing. Soften your gaze. Soften your eyes.

Perspective Enlightenment: I give myself permission to rewrite my story. I am free of this memory.

Week 4, back releases: Vows of Armor enhances this week’s blog post greatly. This week can also be purchased individually by clicking here.


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.





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