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Why do things always happen to me

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Do you sometimes feel like everything is going wrong? One thing after another keeps piling up on you? You look at other people and see how happy they are, how great life is going for them, and wonder why not me? When is it my turn? Why do these things keep happening to me?

Here’s a trick I learned many years ago. Rather than asking why do these things happening TO me, replace the TO with the word FOR. Why do these things keep happening FOR me? Remember that all of life’s events have a purpose to propel us forward and make us more aware and transcend us to a better place. Chaos promotes change. Even in the bible and Greek mythology and revolutionary wars, out of the darkness, there was chaos that lead to light. Things are not happening TO you, they are happening FOR you.

What happens to you is NOT a punishment. You have not done anything wrong. God is not spiting you for wrongs you have done. GOD doesn’t punish. God only loves and with this love, God carries you through bringing you hope and guidance to know you are never alone and you have the potential to do great things. I know the bible has been quoted by numerous religions saying these are “my people”, “the chosen people”, “God punished them”, “God banished them”, “Those who do not believe will not go to Heaven”, “and at the end there will be a judgment day”. Think of this, God is love. Love is all-encompassing. God wants nothing but the best for ALL of us, not just one “chosen” group of people, but rather for ALL of us. Just as a human parent will love their child no matter what they do, God loves all of his children and everyone is his child. Not a single one of us came from a source other than God. So, we are all the “chosen” ones.

If someone loves you would they punish you by taking away assess to Heaven? Isn’t that a bit narcissistic? I love you, but I don’t want the best for you. Would God ever hurt you or anyone else? Never! The things that happen to you are not a punishment! They are a path clearing out what you do not need and providing guidance through awareness. I repeat, they are not a punishment. God loves. God does not want you to be shamed, feel guilty, humiliated, sad, and he most definitely does not want to hurt you! I can’t even fathom thinking that God would want to hurt anyone even if they do not believe in him. God didn’t choose his apostles because they were perfect. He chose them because he knew they needed to know love.  

Punishment is a human action. Yes, if you break the law, you have consequences. That has nothing to do with God. That has to do with civil order. Morals, values, ethics are also man-made. God says only to love yourself and others. Our challenge is that we rely on society and societal pressures to govern us through comparison of ourselves to everyone else. Have you ever thought you can’t do something because what would people say? This is the easiest way to feel ashamed, guilty, humiliated, sad, or hurt. You are punishing yourself by comparing yourself to others. God sees you as perfect. That is your true identity. When we do not see ourselves through God’s eyes, we go down a path of enlightenment to bring awareness to our true selves. This is when things start happening FOR us to see ourselves, others, and the world through God’s loving eyes.

The solution to stopping the world from crumbling down around you is to live in gratitude, turn toward others and God, and see yourself as being loved and supported. Things happen FOR you, for a greater purpose. Everything is a gift.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Grab the back of a chair and lean forward or hold a strap behind your back with both hands and open your chest.

Exercise: Grab a can of beans or soup one in each hand. You can also use a theraband. Lay on your back, reach your arms up toward the ceiling, now let your arms fall out to the side, and then back up. Make sure your pelvic floor is lifted and your core is activated. Complete this 8-10 times. Count out loud to ensure that you are breathing.

Daily task: Stick your heart out. Rather than thinking about pulling your shoulders back, think about bringing your heart forward.

Perspective Enlightenment: Say to yourself, “My life is a gift. I am a gift.”

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL



P.S. Some weeks are better than others. A video will be coming for this week, but it is still in process. I will let you know when the video is available. Thank you for your understanding.


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2 Responses

  1. Mary Beth Osterbrock

    This perspective & guidance is always so profound & meaningful to me! Thank you! This is a unique time & amidst the challenges are great gifts. This blog is a gift. I plan to keep my heart forward & my presence aware of my growth. The world needs this positivity!

    • Jocelyn Metzger

      Thank you so very much! These are challenging times and we all need healing and guidance. As we unite, love will grow far stronger than anything else. I love you, Jocelyn