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Why Wait?

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When you really want something, why wait? Go get it now! Stop for a moment. Have you ever thought that God’s timing is your protection? 

Ever wonder why something you have wanted isn’t manifesting? This could all be part of God’s master plan and the life experiences that your soul chose to go through before you entered this world. Remember, everything is a feeling, an experience that enlightens you as you break out of your cocoon so that you can fly even higher and see the world even more clearly. When you feel your world is crumbling around you, it could really be falling together rather than falling apart.

Last week a client shared a message he read from an app call Jesus Calling from June 27th, 2020. The message was that God’s timing is your protection. This struck me so profoundly because I had never thought of the timing of things to be a protective shield for my benefit, but it really is. There have been so many things I have wanted to happen right away and when it didn’t happen, I clearly understand why that was a good thing after the event had passed. Feeling when the moment is right and being patient until it does feel right is God’s way of protecting you.

As we say in the myofascial release world, never force a release because you can’t and if you do, you may cause injury. The same rule applies to the manifestation of your heart’s desires. Time is your best friend. Feel for when the moment is right and all the stars are aligned, then make your move. Be present, be patient, and hear God’s voice guiding you along the way.

Being patient means letting go of fear, anxiety, worry, anger, and forced pursuits. It means you find peace with where you are so the happiness you have right now follows you wherever you go and during any of life circumstances. Any negativity that you harbor will follow you wherever you go. Wayne Dyer once said that he was asked by a new neighbor if the neighborhood was full of friendly people. Wayne asked her if her old neighborhood had nice people to which she replied no. He then told the lady that the neighbors weren’t really friendly. What he was saying is that you have to face your challenges and see their purpose. Then things will change. God has a plan. Trust it. His plan has your best interest at heart always!


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: We are going to focus on the hips as they move us forward. Sit sideways on your bed or a table and slowly lean forward. Place a pillow under your knee if needed to relax the stretch on the hip.

Exercise: Laying on your side, lift your top leg and arm toward each other 8x keeping your body stable. That means don’t wobble.

Habitual Change: Do you tend to lean toward one side more than the other? Try to lean the opposite way or find a neutral position.

Perspective Enlightenment: I can be patient and feel God guiding me. I trust in God’s plan.

This week’s post correlates directly with week 9 of the Voyage to HEAL. I encourage to you review this week and listen to the meditation. You can also purchase week 9 separately by clicking here or purchase and download the meditation CD by clicking here.


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL




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