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Thankful for Being You

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It can be a bit exhausting and sometimes frustrating constantly trying to better yourself. Sometimes I even get burnt out on self-exploration and self-healing.  This week’s blog post is continuing on our journey of self-awareness for self-correction, but the emphasis is not on figuring out what to fix, but realizing what you have going for you. Going through waves of self-correction and digestion of what you are implementing or just taking a break from it all and living is totally healthy! Everything in life is cyclical.

So this week, I ask that you find what you are thankful for about yourself, your accomplishments, and the things you’ve done. I would love it if you would write them below for the whole world to see. Pride is a good thing. The ego needs to be fed, too.

By inviting in the positive, you are opening the doors for God’s light to shine out of you. God would never say anything is wrong with you. God would never instill guilt, shame, anger, or punishment on you. So the more you see yourself as God sees you, the easier it will be to hear God’s messages.

There is a meditation in the Voyage to HEAL entitled Vows of Armor. These are any beliefs that you have that do not serve you well and interfere with your beauty shining out. Release these. Let them go. They are not the truth.

After you list a few things that you are proud of, hear God saying those words to you. Write them in your journal over and over and over again and see where the words take you. I did this the other night as I wrote “I am ready for success with what I have already accomplished” over and over and over again and it was profound what came out. As I wrote these words, more words began to follow as I let go of a belief system that what I had done was not good enough yet. This is yet another way that we can hear God’s messages for us and awaken our intuitive sense. So, pull out your pen and start writing!

Yet again another way to be a part of the technological wave of the future using telepathy with God! How advanced is that!!! Maybe this will be my year that I really embrace technology as I have been saying for the last 2 years. All in good time.

Voyage to HEAL Weekly Focus

Stretch: Try a progressive muscle relaxation. If you have the online Voyage to HEAL membership, visit week number 4: Back releases and complete the Vows of Armor meditation. If you do not have the membership, I strongly encourage you get it, but for now, lightly contract each part of your body as you breathe in beginning with your toes and working up to your head. Feel the softening in your body as you soften this tightened area on the exhale while saying, “I let go”.

Exercise: Laying on your back with your knees bent, bridge your bottom up. If the hamstrings tighten up, use a strap around your ankles to kick the glute muscles in and decrease the work on the hamstrings. Try this 6x.

Habitual Change: Don’t be so serious. Laugh a lot!

Perspective Enlightenment: Say to yourself, “I have accomplished a lot. I am doing well from where I was”.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL,



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