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The Story of 2 Headrests

I love my minivan, but I was beginning to get disillusioned with it because every time I drove, my head was thrust forward so very much that my neck hurt. It began hurting just while I was driving and then the discomfort progressed to all the time. You know I was doing my stretches and exercises on top of watching my posture. I finally decided the culprit was the angle of the headrest. I did my research and noticed that I wasn’t the only one with this complaint. I know that the headrest has to be close to your head, 4 fingers at most away from your head, but I couldn’t believe that angling my head forward would be very beneficial if I were in an accident.

Here is a great article to determine if your headrest is in the correct spot. What are car seat headrests really awkward?

My solution: I switched out the headrest in the middle row of seat with the front row. My head is still 2 finger widths away from the headrest and I am perfectly comfortable. Unfortunately, now that my daughter has gotten taller, I need to order and new headrest for her because she is complaining her neck hurts and 5 years old!

Here is a picture of the headrests. The original front seat headrest is furthest away. The new one is closest. Huge difference. I couldn’t even get the original headrest to stand up straight without falling over because it was angled forward so much. What does this say about our posture as a whole if this is the position the average person’s head is in? Yikes!

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