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Pieces of the Puzzle

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We get messages all the time that are helping guide us. That may be in making big decisions, how to heal our body, or just how to better our life. Often times, I have relied on the rule of 3. If I hear something three times it means I am to take action, but sometimes there are multiple messages that need to be put together like a puzzle to get the final message. So was the case just recently. I had been really debating what was my intent for the growth of the Voyage to HEAL. I had started talking to a publisher and identifying who would this program really benefit and resonate with. Then the big decision of how big did I want it to go. Did I really want to be traveling all over and teaching? How would I do with the criticism of some and which lead to the biggest question…..am I good enough? Oh that blasted ego that can propel us forward or pull us down. All of these questions have been answered through several blessings over the last week.

First messages nature signs:

I had finally given myself permission to start seeing my horse at any opportunity that I had because I had grossly neglected her in the last 6 years while raising my little ones. The horse is a symbol of reclaiming your power, but they are also flight animals and can be very aware of their environment to know when to run and when to relax. Speckles has always taught me to step up to the plate and be the one in charge. Lesson #1

Lesson #2 came from a squirrel that decided to stop in the road and just stare at me. Squirrels symbolize hard work and a lot of play. I took this as I have done my work, now play and have fun with it. So things in nature were telling me it was time to enjoy the work I have done and enjoy life. That was the biggest message was to continue to take the time to enjoy myself.

Second messages from my body:

We all have areas that like to catch and I am not excluded. Last week I was at the barn and this voice inside my head told me to just work with Speckles in the round pen. I didn’t listen because I wanted to ride her. That same voice told me to ride bare back then. I didn’t listen because I love my saddle. I wanted to get on her on the opposite side and the voice said don’t. I didn’t listen and when I tried to push up on my right knee to get into the saddle from the ground, which I never do, my knee locked up in severe pain. Grrrrr

I was already in discomfort from my knee, which made my right ankle hurt from years of sprains and a break. Then hobbling around my left knee began to hurt and all of this aggravated this normally quiet ache I have a history of in my right hip. Using my arms more than normal, the left thumb that was strained a month ago was also speaking up. It was like my body was given a megaphone to try and send me messages through my pain. Things were getting better so I went to my pilates class on Monday which happened to be focus on a lot of kneeling. At the end, I was enjoying a wonderful stretch draped over the large therapy ball face down that felt great on my sacrum and low back. That was until I couldn’t get up. I had over stretched this area and I literally couldn’t move. Once again, as with my knee, I was frozen in place, afraid to move because of the pain. I laid there and immediately began thanking my body for keeping me safe and giving permission to let go of whatever I have been holding onto in this area. I knew this was a message and not my body attacking me. This wa a  blessing. So I just kept talking to my body in words of love and gratitude.

Gradually, with the loving support of the teacher and class participants, this was a time to soak up the love and leave humiliation behind, I got to my feet and eventually made it to my car and home. That’s where deviling in deeper to this was key to healing.

As I came in to my house my mother was watching video of the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. We began to reflect on how devastating it was and what horrible timing as well. Out of my mouth came the words, well, the temple of Jerusalem fell down and was rebuilt in 3 days so Easter mass will go on. Now, I am not a bible reader and preacher so I don’t even really know the story of the fall of the temple of Jerusalem which prompted me to look it up as I was applying a heating pad to my back. The story talks about Jesus’ prediction that it was going to fall because there was no division between man and God because of sin. As Jesus died on the cross a huge curtain/veil that was in the temple to separate the gentiles from the holy God, fell denoting that God was accessible to everyone. There is no division. I finally understood what people meant that Jesus died to clear our sins. He showed us that God and humans are one. We are all God. We are all created by God and therefore all that we do and say are a reflection of God inside of us. As my dear friend Diana Rankin posted, “If the Creator created you to create, what are you creating” (  : More messages coming to me along the lines of yes, I am good enough, but what was my body trying to tell me?

So, I pulled out Louise Hayes and began looking up all my ailments from head to toe.

Ankles: denying myself pleasure

Knees: inability to bend, stubborn, ego and pride (which may be not enough ego rather than too much)

Hips: fear of moving forward, fear of major decisions (yep, where should I go with my Voyage to HEAL and business)

Sacrum: holding onto anger, fear of money, feeling powerless (yep, how am I going to afford to get where I want and can I do it)

Lower back: guilt, insecurity, powerlessness (check)

Thyroid: feeling suppressed, when is it my turn (really, the only person suppressing me was me and all my excuses)

Thumb: not at peace (this one does puzzle me,but maybe I am not at rest with where to go)

Allergies: who are you allergic to? My horse, which is all about reclaiming your power and I am allergic to sugar one the pleasures of life!

One more key to this puzzle:

I reflected back on all the the other times I had hurt my back and especially the last 2 times. That February, I was going to teach my facial release Voyage to HEAL class focused on being the eyes, ears, and mouth of God and I suddenly strained my back. Now, likewise, the day before I am teaching the Ear, mouth, and throat class about speaking your truth and being the eyes, ears, and mouth of God, I strain my back and become immobilized in pain. Ironic, not all!

All these events were leading me to move forward in confidence. The message that came through so clearly putting all of this together was that I am good enough. I am the eyes, ears, and voice of God and it needs to be heard. I have also been telling myself:

I trust the process of life. I allow life to be easy and enjoyable. All I need will be provided in abundance. I am enough!

So go purchase the Voyage to HEAL and start your journey to putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

One more thought, the day before reading about the fall of the veil in the Temple of Jerusalem, I started writing the next meditation CD which I title, Behind the Veil. Don’t you just love it!

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