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The bubble

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I have been accused of living in a happy bubble. I love it here! Why would I want to be anything, but happy? I remember talking to a friend over 20 years ago about what type of plays we enjoyed going to see. I said I like comedies and love stories basically anything that uplifted me. She liked the dramas that made her think deeply. We each had our happy bubble. Whatever you want is your reality. That is your bubble.

There is a line in the movie Smallfoot where the main character, a yeti that discovered humans and altered his entire village into chaos, then said how he wished he could go back to bring ignorant because it was blissful. When he didn’t know humans existed, he was happy. Not that we shouldn’t seek the truth, but truth isn’t always tragedy. Truth can be seeing the good and joy in everything for that is what you will then attract. This is the law of attraction.

I greatly enjoyed this video by Alan Cohen speaking of abundance. I hope you do as well.

Living in Abundance

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