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What are you holding onto?

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When we are in a fearful state, we can easily turn to things as our comfort, but at some point, we realize that what we were holding onto is now holding onto us. When a comfort becomes an addiction, it is time to step back and let go of what you are holding onto.

Things can become a comfort such as food, alcohol, drugs, exercise, barn time, money, work, shopping, and other people. It’s very easy to do, but not long-lasting. The effects of a cigarette, a big win at the casino, the high from a candy bar or cup of coffee, or the security in a gift of money are all short-lived. When we rely on these things, our need for them only increases and we will eventually feel like we never have enough and end up in a state of worry or anxiety that we don’t have what we “need”.

Is there anything in your life that you fear not having or you don’t feel you have enough of? Remember that addiction is not just a word for someone who is addicted to drugs. According to the Oxford dictionary, addiction is exhibiting a compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity.

Here’s my confession. In my world, I had become addicted to coffee and sugar has always been an issue for me. Not only did I physically feel like I needed it, but I psychologically felt it was necessary to make me happy when my mood wasn’t cheery or when I was tired. I felt that if I didn’t have my cup of coffee in the morning and maybe on in the afternoon that I wouldn’t make it through the day. I told myself at first that I just really liked the taste, which was true, but before I knew it, the coffee had a hold on me and I kept needing more. It actually began to have a reverse effect on me. I noticed that I was even more tired after I had my cup of coffee so I needed another one. The same opposite effect happens with sugar. I would eat it and just want more, but I also noticed that whenever I ate the sugar my throat would get hot and hurt and I would get soars in my mouth. What I thought I “needed” that once gave me great comfort, I now didn’t feel it was enough and the effects were hurting me. This is when I realized I was addicted to these two things.

How could this relate to you? What do you hold onto as your security net to feel happy, safe, and provided for? Money is a common one for many people. They fear losing it and not having enough. So they work and work and stay at jobs they hate because they are afraid of money. Money is the root of all evil, right? Possessions can be the same way. I told my daughter a story about a family that woke up one morning and all their things were gone. There was a man that said, follow the line of toys to find all your things, but they had to walk and pick the things up as they went along. Eventually, their arms got too full and they could not carry anymore. The man said to them, there is a new house waiting for you where you want it amongst friends and parks, but it is smaller and you can only take what you can carry. You can return to your present home and get all the things back that were in it, but not be where you want or he offered to take them in his car to their new home amongst their friends. So, what would you choose, be alone with the comfort of your things or amongst your closest friends and family?

The answer to that is like asking, do you choose your worldly possessions or God? One will give you temporary security and happiness while the other offers eternal comfort and joy.

I’m happy to say that one week into letting go of what I was holding onto so tightly, I went through headaches and moodiness, withdrawal, but I feel so very much better for doing so. As this whole pandemic has shown us, letting go of the norm is not an easy thing to do, but it is so much better when we put our trust in God to know that we will always be provided for when we put our faith in the eternal spirit.

When I die, all I get to take with me is my soul. So I best make sure it’s a happy one. ~ Your inner guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task


Stretch: Hang your head and arms over the edge of the bed and open your hands. If this is not an option due to high blood pressure, eye problems, or pregnancy, place one or two pillows under you back and stretch your arms overhead. You may also do this in sitting as in the picture below.

Exercise: Find a stress relief ball and squeeze it or rub it for 1 minute every hour. You can make one by partially filling a balloon with a ¼ cup of water or find a smooth stone and just rub that. Remember the perspective enlightenment below as you do this exercise.

Habitual change: Soften your grip on things. Take note of how tight you hold the steering wheel, a pen, a cup of coffee, the reins on your horse, your child’s hand, or the leash on your dog. Soften

Perspective Enlightenment: As the title of Gabrielle Bernstein’s book says, “The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith”. The universe has your back. Over and over and over again, remind yourself that the universe has my back. My comfort and peace are with God.

This week’s Voyage to HEAL Weekly tasks coincides with week 8 of the Voyage to HEAL. Please listen to the meditation as you complete the stretch or watch the video above. Click here to purchase this chapter or come start your full Voyage to HEAL online healing process today.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.




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