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How to not get hurt when moving things

So I was recently planning on moving. This meant that I went into full gear to declutter the house and get it looking good for sale. I packed up a lot of stuff and brought it to a storage unit. Then we decided not to move and I had to move over 20 rubbermade bins back from the storage unit. Some of these bins were super heavy. I like to get things done and often try to overdo it by carrying more than I should. I’m 41 years old now and as I began bringing bins back into the basement, I told myself to take more trips and unload the bins before getting another one. This gave me the opportunity to pace myself carrying the heavy bins and ultimately saved my back.

I, of course, made sure to lift with my legs as I have taught in previous videos and definitely turned on my core muscles. For more guidance on this, check out the 12-week core strengthening video series I have made. Click here for the pelvic floor and core video series and handouts.

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