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What is the value of a dollar?

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Often times, success is measured in the amount of money that we make from our job. Yet there are so many other forms of payment that we get from a job well done that the dollar we may or may not have made is of far lesser value then the joy we may have received or spread.

As a private business owner, sometimes I can get down on myself if I don’t have as many clients as I had hoped for in a week. Then I remember how much I helped the clients that I did see and how much they helped fill my soul with joy in an equal or greater reciprocal exchange.

So I may not be the richest therapist or the most well-known or have a schedule that is overflowing but the insights and joy I receive from interacting with my clients far outweighs any value of the dollar and somehow I can always pay my bills.

The moral of this story:

Be open to all your needs being met in alternative means and never underestimate that they will be met.

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