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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Video Series (Video Download)


Image yourself never getting sick, having congestion in your sinuses, and healing from injuries quickly. It can happen. The lymphatic system is the body’s water purification system removing fats and toxins from the body while bringing water and proteins back into the heart. It also produces white blood cells and leukocytes to fight off infections and heal wounds. This video series targets 3 primary areas, the neck, the face, and the abdomen which guide you through the gentle massage to boost the immune system using manual lymphatic drainage on yourself. You will also receive the written instructions from the Boost Your Immune System class that Jocelyn taught. A highly effective technique to boost the lymphatic system is breathing. So we have included a diaphragmatic breathing meditation that will take you through the steps needed to breath using the diaphragm and massage those lymph nodes.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage Video Series (Video Download)

* This product is an instant video download which is available immediately after purchase.