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Voyage To HEAL Workbook (Download)


Come journey to a place called peace. Peace of mind and peace of body. Traverse the historical waters of your life to understand how and why you are at this point of your life. Then use the power inside of you to say I let go of all that does not serve me well. Feel years of fear, shame, guilt, sadness, anger, and blame lift off of you. Pain and illness will become a thing of the past as you allow your true, organic, authentic self to shine forth. As true as it is that God dwells inside of you, so does peace. Come on the Voyage to HEAL. Uncover the peace inside of you. It is there.

We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. This 12 week guided voyage addresses each area of the body providing stretches, postural corrections, meditations, and pelvic floor and core exercises as well as manual lymphatic drainage to gain suppleness and stability throughout your body. You are the missing link to your healing. The Voyage to HEAL addresses cumulative, physical, and emotional trauma by teaching your Healthy Everyday Activities for Life. Come start your Voyage to HEAL.



Voyage To HEAL Workbook (Instant Download)

* This product is an instant download which is available immediately after purchase.

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