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A Course in Miracles study group

Beginning in January, this blog post will be used for a daily reflection of Helen Schucman’s A Course in Miracles. Anyone is welcome to join or unjoin at anytime. Participants will be encouraged to openly share their opinion on each topic as well as their personal experiences while transforming from fear to love. 
There will also be a weekly gathering on Friday mornings from 9:45-10:30 at Sunshine Therapeutics. These gatherings are not mandatory. You are welcome to participate just through this blog. There is no cost for this group. The intent is to help us all heal physically and emotionally while bringing more love into the world.
This is a spiritual journey, not a religious following. God, as always, in whatever form you believe, will be our guide regardless of what religion you may or not practice. I will be learning along with you so there may be bumps in the process. We’ll all be amateurs in the beginning, but the time to start is now.
Let the miracles unfold.

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