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Breathe, God’s Got this

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This last week has brought me back to the very beginning of the Voyage to HEAL which starts with your breath. I had taken a break from reading self help books and listening to meditations on you tube because I was feeling saturated. I needed to digest all the information that I had received. In this past week, I felt myself wanting to start back with my meditation practice, but I wasn’t quite sure who I wanted to listen to.

What a silly question because it dawned on me that the best source to listen to is your inner guide which for me is God. So, I opened up the Voyage to HEAL and began breathing. I started at the very beginning with the breath. What is the most important thing for a baby to do when they are born? Breath. Breathing brings us present in the moment by grounding us to where we are. The exchange of oxygen and the production of nitric oxide in our body calms the central nervous system so we can slow down and rest. I just got to experience my first Kundalini Yoga class. What an awesome experience connecting the breath with movement, mantras, balancing the chakras, and ending by feeling the vibration of the gong travel through my body raising me to a higher frequency. One hour totally shifted my existence. I highly recommend trying a class or watching a you tube video. 

Here is my free gift to you. A simple diaphragmatic breathing meditation from the Inner Guide to Stretching. Meditations are meant to shift your perspective and infuse positive energy. So my meditations are often short and sweet so that you can get focused and then continue breathing or holding a stretch while listening to your inner guide. Find a comfortable position and begin to breath in through your nose and gently out through your mouth. 

So for this week, focus on breathing. Breath in love and exhale fear. Let your body and mind become light and those heavy burdens fall into the earth. The world is a good place. There may be natural disaster, traumas, and pain, but through all of this you are supported. You are never alone. We do not have to fear for God is always near. I was reading a children’s bible story to my kids last night about Jesus going out onto the lake with the disciples. Jesus fell asleep and a horrible storm came up. The disciples were scared and woke Jesus to ask him to make it stop. Jesus calmly asked the storm to stop and it did. He then reminded them that they never needed to be afraid because God was always there. Jesus also showed them the power of choice to stay stop when the chaos is surrounding you. We have a choice to be swept away in fear of the storm or the step back and say stop. Calm yourself, be present, and trust the process. 

This week’s focus on the Voyage to HEAL Weekly Recommendations:

Stretch: Breath

Exercise: Lift that pelvic floor and rock the pelvis slightly back like you are zipping up your pants. Do this throughout the day.

Meditation: I am light. When you feel anything negative, let the light of love and peace fill your body. I am safe.

Postural Correction: Breath using your diaphragm and feel the ribcage and belly expand on the inhale.

This week’s blog post is from the first chapter of the Voyage to HEAL. God Speed on your Voyage to HEAL

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