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Clarity in 1 word

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I asked God for signs to help guide me and I got dual answers. Why can’t I get a straight answer?

I can’t get a straight answer because there are always two sides to every story. It takes two to tango and every action has a reaction. So, I am just as much a part of what is happening around me as is everyone else. I can cultivate peace and love or fear and anger. I have two choices. I always have options. 

Think of that. I am in charge and I can make a really big impact by how I act. In The Master’s Guide by Philip, I opened up to the message, “The God you believe in, is the God that you will see.”

The God that I believe in is 100% love. There is no fear. There is no hatred. There is no suffering. There is balance and there is harmony. I like living in that happy bubble because that is the truth and that is what I want to spread, not trash talk and hatred. That does not solve anything! I truly believe that the opinion of the minority is being heard far more than the majority. The majority of people know what is good and know what is love. They know that reality is not the fear and hatred that we are seeing. So why can’t I get a straight answer? I am getting a straight answer. God is telling me to love.

I do not quote the bible as I do not know the bible enough to quote it and tend to just listen to the words God delivers directly to me. I encourage all of you to listen to this inner voice. This past weekend, I went to a lovely wedding and one of the readings was the 1st letter of St. John. It was what I needed/wanted to hear.

A reading from the first Letter of Saint John 4:7-12

Beloved, let us love one another,
because love is of God;
everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God.
Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love.
In this way the love of God was revealed to us:
God sent his only-begotten Son into the world
so that we might have life through him.
In this is love:
not that we have loved God, but that he loved us
and sent his Son as expiation for our sins.
Beloved, if God so loved us,
we also must love one another.
No one has ever seen God.
Yet, if we love one another, God remains in us
and his love is brought to perfection in us.

Clarity comes when you realize that your only choice is to Love.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: We are going to continue to balance the pelvis to physically achieve balance in our skeletal system. This week we focus on the side-lying stretch on both sides. Lay on your bed or a picnic table at a diagonal. Slightly roll your body in toward the middle of the bed or table. Then allow your top leg to hang off the edge of the bed and reach your top arm overhead. Make sure you feel supported so you are not bracing to keep from falling off the bed. Repeat on the other side.

*Letting your leg hang off is optional. You can just extend your leg behind you without dangling it off the bed. Likewise, the same arm does not have to reach overhead if this is not possible.

Exercise: Laying on your back with your legs straight and feet against a wall or headboard, press the heel of the leg that you feel may be higher into the headboard 4x for 4 seconds. Repeat this on the other side and then return to the original side. This helps activate the pelvic muscles to keep the pelvis in alignment.

Habitual Correction: I’m repeating myself, but remember to bend your knees. Watch the video below for “why”.

Perspective Enlightenment: I will not sub come to fear. I push aside all things that are not of love and I allow all things to be of love.

This week’s Voyage to HEAL Coincides with week 2 and 3 of the Voyage to HEAL on-line process. I encourage you to listen to these meditations as you hold the stretch.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.



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2 Responses

  1. Lori

    Jocelyn, I really enjoyed your blog this week. I recently heard from a friend who walked out of my life many years ago. I do believe your single word LOVE, will heal many wounds in our future communications. Thank you, Lori

    • Jocelyn Metzger

      Thank you, Lori. Sometimes no reply is needed. Just be still and send them love. Sending you love as well.