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Do what helps, not what hurts.

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I just love Alan Cohen. I’m still reading his book Spirit Means Business. His latest quote that I just read coincides so very well with my recent decision to do weekly Voyage to heal thoughts as opposed to daily. I have also been trying to take note of if my body is asking for rest or movement. There was a time when I wanted a lot of rest and I needed to receive more than I gave.

Presently, I’m ready to move. I want to get back to riding my horse, my bike, and kayaking. I want to do my yoga and pilates. Before I was getting by taking care of the kids, the house, and working. Whenever I tried to put anything else in I got sick or hurt. God/spirit/the universe, whatever you call the guiding entity in your life, told me to cut back. Now, though, I feel weakness in my body because it’s time for me to move!

Here’s a quote from Alan Cohen’s book.

So for this week, get moving.

Exercise: core on, arms overhead and lean right and left. If that’s too much, get the core on, hold a can of beans in each head and reach to the right and then left and then overhead.

Stretch: Since we’re moving, try this dynamic stretch I recently taped. Dynamic trunk rotational stretch

A nice trunk rotation of the upper or lower body would also be good. As you hold the stretch, think of the perspective enlightenment below.

Postural Correction: Observe how your posture changes in situations. What is your posture telling you and saying to others. Body posture is a silent communicator of how you are feeling.

Perspective Enlightenment: Ask yourself, is what I am doing helpful to me, to others, and to the world. I will do only what helps and not what hurts myself or others.

This message coincides with Chapter 8: Arm releases/ I am Enough of the Voyage to HEAL.

God speed on your Voyage to HEAL.

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