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Domino effect

So think of the immense domino effect every decision you make has on the universe. To me, this helps to explain why things happen in the world both good and bad. When someone or something dies, something else lives and prospers. When someone loses a job, someone else gets a job. Who knows what that person’s life circumstance were and how positively that effected them. Out of great tragedy has come great triumphs. 
So how could we hold a grudge at someone or something if we really look at the big picture of what was the transitional purpose of the course of events that happened to us or someone else? 
For example, my first job was to be in CA. It fell three and the company I worked for offered me a job in Dayton. I always knew I wanted to go to OH for some unknowns reason. I hopped on it, glad to not be going to LA and 16 years later, here I am happily married with 2 kids and my own business. It was meant to be. I never regretted not going to LA. 
Holding grudges really traps us in our misery and blocks the Light from shining in and out of us. It’s like putting ourselves in a box and trapping the hurt in and love out. Picture that. 
Forgiveness, which is love, really is our salvation for yourself and the world. 

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