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Enjoy each day

There’s a lot to think about these days such as what has happened in the past and what we’d like to happen in the future. We contemplate conversations past and conversations to come. We worry about things we’ve done or will do and the effect our actions will have. We rush to our destinations only to wait when we get there. Have you ever had a conversation with someone while thinking about something entirely different and you have no idea what the other person just said?
Take a look at how you are living your life; in the past, present, or future.
Eckhart Tolle wrote an entire book on The Power of Now. If you haven’t read it, go for it (and who ever has my copy of it, may I please have it back? Thank you). Rather than rushing through each day, enjoy it. The presence is a gift. If you are late for an event, don’t worry, just get there safely. If you can’t find the right gift for everyone, enjoy the time shopping to find the perfect gift for just one person. Soak in the smells, the sights, the sounds, the love, the true meaning of this blessed season. Miracles can happen. Slow down and you will see them everywhere.

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