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Finding Balance 4

Balance Poses

Sometimes a physical activity that challenges the balance is helpful. I recently taught a class and the first balance pose was really shaking. An hour later, everyone’s muscles very tired, but as we repeated the initial pose, everyone was much more stable. Their mind was in a better place so the body followed suite.

Begin by standing with one foot off the ground and the hands at the heart or over head. Breath 10 breaths and switch legs. Envision the foot on the ground rooted into the earth. You may have to do this a few times on each leg to fully gain mental balance. This is a great time to use a balance board, therapy ball, or a firm pillow or folded blanket to stand on if you need an extra challenge. While doing this, picture yourself riding flawlessly. For more mental practice exercises, visit OHSunshineTherapy on you-tube.

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