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Go for it

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Go for it! This is the message that I keep hearing.

As many of you know, I have been working on the Voyage to HEAL for many years. The Inner Guide to Stretching was created over 9 years ago. Then the workbook began 4 years ago. The Inner Peace Meditation CD was created almost 2 years ago as was the Pelvic floor and Core Activation Series. Then I put all of this online into the Lifetime Membership for the online Voyage to HEAL process. Finally, this February the tangible workbook of the Voyage to HEAL was published. Yet, I still haven’t promoted it and actually just finished the second edition. I have now begun to update all the Voyage to HEAL online pages to reflect all of the edits. (This is a huge undertaking which all of you lifetime members will so appreciate the additional pictures, videos, and links that have been added including the pain management with postural correction videos.) But that’s not all! My next step is to make the font a bit larger and add tabs that will make flipping to each chapter easier. Then the workbook, DVD, CD, releaser ball, and exercise series will all be nicely packaged as a tangible gift. And then…….what will I do to hold off promoting the Voyage to HEAL?
The point of me telling you all of this is that I’m having a tough time finding a stopping point. I constantly am thinking of the next step and holding off promoting the Voyage to HEAL. So hearing this message of “Go for it!” is really important. I need to stop delaying and share what I am supposed to share. What is the point of doing all this work and not sharing it? I wrote the Voyage to HEAL to share it with people so that they would feel better. I could tell myself that all these obstacles are being put into place because the timing isn’t right or maybe I should take responsibility for what is happening and realize that I am unknowingly stalling.

I know I am not the only one out there who has been holding back promoting themselves in one way or another. Helen Schucman, author of A Course In Miracles, took 8 years to publish A Course in Miracles and had several editions after the initial publication. The quest for perfectionism will never be quenched and rather creates a character of imperfection. You see yourself as imperfect, not good enough to put yourself out there, and make excuses. Those excuses can range from it’s not the right time, adding more components to whatever you are doing, setting unreachable criteria, or just plain old procrastination so you won’t ever finish and then you will never have to deal with rejection or whatever you are avoiding.

One of my favorite authors, Alan Cohen, spoke on this exact subject in the video below. I highly encourage doing this week’s stretch while listening to his words.

The bottom line is this.


Give up the quest for perfectionism. You are perfect. Go for it! Whatever you have been holding back, Go for it! It is time.


Weekly Voyage to HEAL Tasks

Stretch: The hips move you forward so let’s get them limber. Lay on your back, bend your knees, cross one ankle over the other knee and gently press out on the knee that is bent feeling a wonderful opening in the hips and glutes. You can also do this side sitting on the and slightly leaning forward. Place a pillow under your knee if you need extra support. Breathe while doing this.

Exercise: Roll over onto your side, activate your core, and move your leg as if you were pedaling a bicycle forward 6x and then backward 6xs. Keep your body as still as possible. This may mean making smaller movements. If needed, simplify the movement by bringing your leg forward and back rather than in the circular motion. You can keep your knee bent or straight while doing the modified exercise.

Habitual Change: Has your workspace had the same setup for over 2 years? If so, you may want to rearrange things to alter your everyday moving habits. It may feel awkward at first, but you will adjust.

Perspective Enlightenment: I give myself permission to go for it!

Journal Option: What is the benefit of waiting? What makes me fearful of moving forward? What would happen if you did go for it?

This week’s post directly corresponds with week 8: Arm Releases/ I am Enough. You can purchase this chapter or just the meditation in the store by clicking here. I highly suggest starting the entire Voyage to HEAL journey. Remember our connection. As you heal, so does everyone else around you. It’s true. I see it happen all the time. You can heal yourself, your family, your friends, and even the world. You are powerful. What you do will last for billions of years to come so get started on taking care of yourself and make this world an even better place. Click here to start your Voyage to HEAL.


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL

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