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How do I shake off a bad mood?

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Moods are vibrational energies flowing through our bodies. Happier moods are higher vibrations. Negative moods are lower vibrations. There are certain places on earth and times of the month that have a higher or lower vibrational frequency that does affect us. What am I talking about? For starts, the lunar affect. When there is a full moon it can bring out the lunar affect which means more negative behaviors. Do you know that a woman’s menstrual cycle in many cultures is referred to as her moon cycle? As a female, I can attest that my mood isn’t always the best during my “moon cycle”. As the pressure in my body rises, my vibration seems to decrease.

Check out this article siting research that there is more criminal activity on full moon nights. Do full moons and supermoons really affect human and animal behavior

Why does this happen? The moons gravitational pull causes high tides in the ocean in which the ocean swells. What happens when we swell? We feel the pressure and eventually burst with energy in a not so happy way. We are made of water so we too will feel the increased pressure like the high tide of the ocean. Hence, when the pressure rises in our body we can become a bit crabby because we don’t feel good.  We can feel pushed to our limits. This increased pressure also slows down the vibrational energy in our body resulting in low vibrational energy and crabbiness. So, if you are feeling down, it may just be a cyclical effect so hang tight. This too shall pass and I’ll show you some ways to overcome gravity’s pull, but remember your body is working hard to overcome this increased pressure so you may be tired and need more rest than at other times of the month.

If you do not adhere to this, stress will also slow down your vibration. Know your signs that your stress level is rising so you can catch yourself before you explode. For me, when the little things, like my family not cleaning up after themselves and I began to go full speed trying to keep the house organized, start to bother me, this is my indicator that my stress level is rising. At this point, I need to slow down or express my feelings to them that I need help. 

So for this week, write down what your warning signs are that your stress level is rising. Then write down one thing you can do to lower your stress level or change your perspective on your stressor. We can’t always escape stress, but we can look at it differently so it doesn’t have power over us, right? Also, take a look at the lunar cycle. We just had a new moon and super moon Friday, August 30th, 2019. How did you feel?

Every moment we spend in nature is an opportunity to make amazing discoveries about ourselves and the world we live in. ~ Brian Mertins


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Thoughts

Shaking off a bad mood requires awareness of what is driving your bad mood. Pretty obvious, I know. Yet sometimes when I get into a bad mood, I get so pulled down by being in a bad mood that it is hard to really see the big picture of why am I in this bad mood. Getting a clear mind will help guide me. This week’s Voyage to HEAL Weekly thoughts provides you with a few suggestions to increase your vibrational frequency. 

Stretch: Shake it off by rebounding yourself while saying this week’s perspective enlightenment.

Exercise: Go for a walk, ride an exercise bike, do some cardio work to increase your body’s endorphins and boost your mood.

Habitual Change: Rather than watching TV, try one of these EMDR videos to wake up the right and left side of the brain. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This amazing technique gets you out of the lower level brain of fight, flight, or freeze and into your higher-level brain where you can think logically. There are a couple of options for using the EMDR videos:

1: listen to the videos using headphones and you will hear sounds in the left and then right ear

2: watch the video and follow the objects from the right to the left screen

If that isn’t your thing, try this yoga chant for relieving depression and anxiety. Chants are a great way to clear your mind and regain focus because of their repetitiveness and the benefit breathing has to calm the nervous system. My girls and I sing Amen multiple times at night for this purpose. The below chant can easily be done with rebounding yourself. 

Perspective Enlightenment: Flowing with the cycles of the universe provides us with opportunities to be productive and times to rest. Timing is everything. Our body will tell us what to do and when if we listen and go with the flow of the high and low tide. “I give myself permission to listen to my body and vibrate at my own frequency”.

This week’s Voyage to HEAL coincides with week number 11: Unwinding and Rebounding, but the message is unique to this blog and will become part of Behind the Veil Voyage to HEAL to come in 2020…hopefully.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.

Love, Jocelyn

Here’s a little fun to pick up those good vibrations

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