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I am Enough

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I don’t know about you, but I have been victim of falling into the “I am not enough” bottomless pit and struggled to get out.
This is a horrible place to be because we often times don’t know how to get out or may not have hope that we ever can.
So, there are 2 options here.
1. How do you keep from getting here in the first place
2. How do you get out if you are there
Keeping yourself out of this pit requires you being present. Ground yourself everyday. As you feel your feet on the earth, extend an imaginary tail straight into the center of the earth and let all negative thoughts and beliefs travel down this tail and out becoming ashes. Say to yourself, “I can find peace in this situation”.
If you do fall into this pit of despair, honor your feelings, verbalize your feelings, and be grateful for your feelings. Live in gratitude of where this may take you for the better. I know that sounds so crazy, but it works. Deepak Chopra and Opera did a 21 day meditation series on Grace and Gratitude. One of the meditations gave insight to the power of not resisting, but rather living in grace. When I do not resist, I am at peace. When a struggle comes about, ask what the universe is trying to tell you so your eyes open to endless healing opportunities. So when you are in that pit of I am not enough, be grateful for what you are and what you have. You will feel the pressures upon you lift off as the hand of God cradles the child he created and dwells in. God is inside of you so you are all that you need and you are as perfect as the day you were created.
Say to yourself, “I am enough”
*This is week number 8 of the Voyage to HEAL if you would like to listen to the full meditation.
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