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I just lifted a tupperware lid and my back went out

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Ok, I’m practicing what I preach. On Monday, I went to pick up a tupperware lid from a low drawer and pulled my lower back. This is a first. I’m now in the seat of so many of my clients. What a blessing that I can now implement what I preach.
So, what did I do?
1st: I first breathed deeply stretching from the inside out. I moved slower. I iced my back on the way to work.
2nd: I tried my pilates class which didn’t make it worse, but it didn’t make it any better either.
3rd: I stretched. The dural tube stretch is heavenly. The sacrowedgy hurt like the dickens! Not going to repeat that.
4th: Got a massage. This did loosen the muscles a bit, but laying on my stomach or back only made the spasms worse. It felt great when my legs were pulled and opening up the lumbosacral junction vertically and laterally.
5th: Epsom salt bath while stretching. Helped a bit.
6th: Supportive kinesiotaping to my sacrum (helped a bit), calf (didn’t help at all since the pain stemmed from the sacrum).
7th: Meditated while I stretched. Helped a ton!
8th: Next day I lead my Voyage to HEAL class on facial releases. We did a grounding meditation and then focused on being the eyes and voice of God. Decreased my back pain by 90%
So, I am 90% better right now. My back is just tired. So the most effective treatment for my back was releasing whatever was trapped in my body that needed to come out as pain. Could it have been the buck off a horse several years ago that reared it’s ugly head again? Maybe. It was amazing how that revelation came to me when a client discussed how parenting brings out the self preservation in a person. I admitted that I am still guarded riding other horses because of my fall and now having kids. I’m even a bit more cautious with my own horse. So, is this fear still living inside of me and this instant pain was telling me to address it? Could be. For now, I’ll keep stretching and meditating until my body is completely at peace. It’s a great Voyage to HEAL and I do consider this a blessing to remind me of the power we have to self-heal.
God speed on your Voyage to HEAL
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