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The power of kindness

So I recently became one of my clients and pulled my back while picking up a Tupperware lid from a drawer. All of a sudden I couldn’t stand up straight. This had never happened before and caught me completely off guard because I had been feeling great! I tried turning on my core, a bit of stretching, I got a massage, and took an epsom salt bath. What I couldn’t do was play with my kids and pick them up so they knew Mommy was not feeling well. At bedtime, we said our prayers and my daughter put her hands on my back to heal Mommy’s back. They were so concerned about me.

Which is where the make me smile comes in because since they knew I was in pain, my 5 year old was such a big helper in the morning and my 3 year old climbed into my bed this morning and the first thing she asked was, “Does your back feel better, Mommy?”. I replied it felt a bit better and then she said a prayer that God would heal Mommy’s back. It just goes to show that you can learn to love and help someone heal at any age. By the time we are adults, we should be pros at it. Watch for acts of kindness, smile, and thank God those still exist.

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