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I Let Go of Control

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Messages all around me are reminding me to let go of control, surrender, stop trying so hard. God will put everything into place as it should be. Control is a force, not a flow. Through our choices of how to handle life’s events, we can take charge. We can’t stop those events from happening. That is what controlling a situation is, but we can flow smoothly, or not, with what is going on. There are just way too many outside forces that influence what is going on to try and stay in control. You’ll drive yourself insane trying to guide these forces and then you will develop fear. When we try to control things in our life, we are fearing movement forward and life itself. This is not what God intended. God wants us to rely on him for safety and see life as joyous.

I know when I am getting too controlling in my life because I begin to fear moving too fast, spinning, anything that would activate a vertigo sickness in me. What do I mean? I avoid twirling with my girls, rollercoasters, winding roads, jumping around, etc because it will make my head spin and I feel like throwing up. One option would be to avoid this, but avoidance is not a solution. Of course, I want to go deeper into this and listen to my inner guide of what is the true meaning behind this metaphysically. I look at my body as my soul’s messenger. Anything that is going on in my body, is my soul’s way of telling me something is out of balance. So, what is my body trying to tell me from my soul when I cannot tolerate moving around?

A couple of years ago, I was at a retreat and we focused on letting God take over. Through multiple applications, I said, “I let go”. The next day, I road multiple rollercoasters and had no vertigo problem. Last summer, I did a Kundalini yoga in which there is a lot of rotational movement, but the mantras are so powerful in shifting your mind to a peaceful place that I had no problem until things in my life starting becoming chaotic. Then all of a sudden, I couldn’t do the rotational movements without feeling sick. As things calmed down and I relinquished control, I could embrace the movement again. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit uptight with everything going on with COVID-19 and have noticed this lack of ability to move without sickness coming back. Fortunately, this week’s virtual Kundalini yoga was very movement-oriented, letting ourselves unwind. I decided not to be afraid and to allow whatever is going to happen to happen. I listened to the words that God, my inner guide, was trying to tell me as I unwound. This is what came out. “I let go of control so I can try another way”. The more I repeated this phrase, the more I could move and the better I felt. The shield of protection I had placed around me was lifted and God’s light embraced me to keep me safe.

We are all safe. As I lay in meditation after the Kundalini yoga class, these are the words that I heard:

“I call on the good that dwells inside of me, God, to guide my way. I acknowledge that I am safe now as I have always been safe. I reflect on previous experiences and times in which I did not feel safe until I let go of control and allowed God to guide me to a new way and carry me through those times of uncertainty. As I was safe then and that event passed, so am I safe now for God dwells inside of me. Life is eternal. My soul will never be injured and my spirit will never die. I give myself permission to feel the safety of God surrounding me, giving me the security to let go of control so I can try another way. I let go of control so I can try another way. I open my heart to what God intends for me knowing that I am safe even when I let go of control.”


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task


Option 1: The sacrum is our area of protection. It is the root Chakra in yoga and the native Americans believe it is the most sacred area of the body keeping us safe. Take a yoga strap, belt, scarf, or towel and wrap it around your pelvis. This is the bone part by your hips. It is not your waste. Tighten the belt around your hips/pelvis so you feel that compression in your pelvic area. Lay you down and feel the shifts in your body as the sacral area lets go.

Option 2: Put some intense music on. Reach your arms out to the side as if being pulled or pushed. Unwind. Let your body move wherever it wants as you say “I let go of control so I can try another way”.


Exercise: Breathe deeply into your pelvis and sacrum so you feel your tail bone extend outward. Then, curl the tailbone inward. Feel the movement in your tailbone using your breath and your core muscles. Do this 8x.

Here’s a reminder of how to do this from several blog posts past. 

Habitual Change: Let your body jiggle. Quit sucking in. Move! Take a moment and just shake your bottom loosely and freely without a care in the world. Shake it, baby! ( :

Perspective Enlightenment: “I let go of control so I can try another way”.

This week’s Voyage to HEAL is correlated with week 11 of the online process living limitless. You can purchase this chapter or the entire Voyage to HEAL by clicking here. As you unwind, listen to the meditation in week 11 or just repeat the words above. Find your healing. Listen to your body, your soul, God. They know the way far better than we ever will in our human existence.

Watch this week’s Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task: Stretch and Connect the Sacrum.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.



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