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Inner Credit

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Have you ever heard of Mary Anning? Not many people have because during her lifetime in the early 1800s, women were not given credit for scientific discoveries because this was a field dominated by men. Mary Anning discovered the first complete dinosaur, an ichthyosaurus from the Triassic time period. She discovered 5 other significant dinosaurs near her hometown in England. She became a go-to for other paleontologists and even got scientists to explore dinosaur poop to learn more about these prehistoric creatures. This rocked the scientific world because at that time, people thought the world was only 6,000 years old, not millions or billions of years old! Sadly, she did not get the credit she deserved for her work, yet she kept going with her discoveries because she knew how important her work was.

I think of this story because I realize how much I use to value being appreciated and recognized for the work that I do, especially by the members of my family. Yet, I recall a conversation with a good friend about writing thank you notes. We both felt that thank you notes were so very important to show our appreciation of any gift we gave or received. Her husband threw in a very interesting point of view when he said, “Did you give the gift in order to get a thank you note?” Obviously not! I gave the gift to make the other person feel special. The person’s joy in the gift is the thank you.

Just the same, the joy you receive in the work that you do and the things you accomplish is the universal thank you for what you do. You could hear and receive a hundred thank yous and none of them will make you happy if you don’t feel pride in what you have done and who you are. Inner joy and peace come from being thankful that you are you and knowing that you are the best you that has ever lived!

How we feel is directly related to our perception of ourselves. No one should be given the power to make us happy, sad, or mad. Mary Anning was intrinsically motivated. She didn’t care that she wasn’t getting recognition because that wasn’t why she was doing what she was doing. Mary knew there was a much bigger purpose in her discovery. The reward was finding things that explained history and increased her knowledge answering so many of her questions.

So when you are setting out to do something, ask yourself what is the bigger reason I am doing this? What benefit will this have? Set your goals/intentions to be gratifying your soul and not your ego. This is the path to inner peace. So, don’t get angry when you are not getting the recognition or appreciation you feel you deserve. This is a reaction driven by the ego. Instead, be the good in the world because that is what you are. 


When you are self-motivated, the path to happiness is much more fulfilling.

~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Let’s stretch those quad muscles on the top of your leg. The best way to do this is by either rolling them out on the foam roller or by bending your knee and grabbing your foot. You may also sit back on your heels with a pillow between your calves and your hamstrings as you quietly meditate or just breathe.

This isn’t the best video, but it shows great alternatives to child’s pose if you are not able to get down on the floor. This was created a year and a half ago.

Exercise: Laying on your back, activate your core muscles, and lift one leg at a time straight up and down. Do this slowly and in control following your breath as you raise your leg up and then down. If you are able to without straining, try lowering and raising both legs at the same time. Make sure your backrests on the floor or bed as you lower your legs.

Habitual Change: I’ve said it before, but it’s just so important, remember to have a gentle bend in your knees when you are standing. Never stand with your knees locked.

Perspective enlightenment: I am happy with who I am and what I have accomplished.

Journaling option: What have I done that brings me pride without recognition or appreciation?

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Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL







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