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Is the hard way the right way?

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Week 9 of the Voyage to HEAL challenges us to look at the path we have chosen versus the path God has intended for us to follow. Is God’s path the easy route? If you are following God’s path does it mean that all things will go smoothly and magically come together? Most importantly, how do you know if you are on God’s path and not your own?

Force is never the way of God. So when things feel forced, it probably isn’t God’s path. This doesn’t mean that the path he has laid for us will be easy. We may struggle. Obstacles may get in our way, but all along we know that what we are trying to accomplish comes from deep within our hearts. In that, we can find peace in what we are doing no matter how much the struggle is to accomplish God’s plan.

Think of a soldier going out to defend the right to freedom. That is not going to happen without a lot of struggle and sacrifice, but if the soldier feels that this is what he must do to follow God’s plan, there will be peace in his or her heart. They would be willing to lay their life down to follow God’s plan. I reflect on the last 11 years of owning my own business. There has been a lot of struggle! I even tried to give the business away to a friend at one time who wisely said no because she could see that having the wellness center was God’s plan for me. I have learned so much from this experience and love owning the wellness center. I have found peace with the ups and downs and all the to-dos. This truly is what I was meant to do. I feel the break I had last year homeschooling my kids really helped me to see God’s plan for me even though it most definitely has had its moments where owning the business has taken a lot out of my spiritual happiness. 

Sometimes following God’s plan feels just that way, that we are giving up our “life” for something else. We can look at our struggles and view them as our enemy sucking the life force out of us. Yet, in these challenges, when we can see their beauty and purpose, then we will see God’s plan. I challenge you not to give up and instead walk the path less traveled and you will see what others do not.

Now more than ever, please follow your heart. Hear God’s words guiding you and listen! Do what feels right to you no matter how much the struggle. What’s to come is going to be magnificent if you DO NOT GIVE UP!


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Focus


Stretch: My calf has been quite sore keeping me from walking forward, so let’s go into the calves this week. I love using my foam roller and placing my calf on the roll, crossing my other foot over the leg I am releasing and just resting there until I feel things soften and let go. I highly suggest leaning against a wall or couch while doing this so you do not have to hold yourself up. If you do not have a foam roller, use your releaser call, a pool noodle, or a rolling pin that has a towel folded over it. Soften and say to yourself the enlightened perspective below.

Exercise: Let’s hold chair pose. Activate your pelvic floor and core, then sink back as if you are going to sit in a chair going down only as far as you are able to hold. Raise your arms up to either shoulder height or above your head. Breathe and hold this pose for 30-60 seconds. It may get hard, but you will benefit from it.

Habitual change: I’ve been thinking a lot about shock-absorbing mats and getting them in my treatment room. I have one at my kitchen sink and bathroom sink and they make so much of a difference. You don’t have to spend a lot on a simple mat that you could use at your desk, any sink, or any place you are standing a lot. Maybe you are in your car a lot and having it under your feet may feel good as long as it doesn’t impair your safety. Simple changes can make big differences.

Enlightened Perspective: Things may be hard, but there is still peace in my heart. I am on God’s path.

Journaling Option: What is God’s ultimate plan for you? What have you always known in your heart that you may not have listened to or made excuses to not follow? Ask yourself, God what is it you want me to do?

This week’s blog post directly correlates with week 9 of the Voyage to HEAL, God’s plan. There are temptations all around us. Hold steady and know that great things are in store for you when you follow God’s plan and God’s timing. May we unite and all feel the peace and love that flows through us from our Lord Jesus Christ. Let peace flow through you and unto me and out to every heart you touch. Come start your Voyage to HEAL.


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.




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