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Why do we have April Fool’s Day? Because we can get so bogged down in taking life too seriously and thinking of all our “to do’s”.
My husband is great at playing and running around with my girls always trying to make them laugh. I love to hold them, take care of them and nurture them, but the other day as we were driving along and they were watching a video, I heard them bust out laughing. This was probably to greatest sound I ever heard. It made me smile. I remember my dad’s laugh and how contagious it was. A laugh alone can make you happier even if just for a second. So, that’s my opinion on why we have April Fool’s day.
So laugh away! Just start laughing for no reason at all!
* And just in case more comes out of you than just a laugh when you laugh, remember to get that pelvic floor and core on. Lift it up, zip it up, pull the ribs down, breath and laugh away!
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