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Low back Pain book

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Just checked out this book from the Mary L. Cook Library in preparation for my presentation to HEAL low back pain on Tuesday, Feb. 13th at 2pm.

I love this book and even ordered a couple copies. So what do I love about it?
1. The Dr. explains things very simply and I agree with everything that he says amazingly enough.
2. He discusses the role exercise, nutrition, and stress management play in resolving back pain.
3. He frequently states that rest is not an option and can actually make things worse as it starts a wheel of immobility physically and mentally leading to depression which will only worsen back pain.
4. He actually recommends meditating, breathing, and thinking positively.
5. He emphasizes the need for a strong, stable core and trunk rotation to get at the deep intrinsic muscles of the spine. That doesn’t mean sit ups or crunches, but rather Pilates and kegel pelvic floor and core exercises.
I could go on and on. I really love this book. Check it out at the Mary L. Cook Library after coming to my FREE presentation next Tuesday at 2.

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