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Making it look easy

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Do you have the ability to make things look really easy because you are so good at what you do?

Arnold Palmer made golf look easy. Scott Hamilton made figure skating look easy. Itzhak Perlman made playing the violin look easy and Albert Einstein made everything physics seem easy.

We all know what all these people and so many more have done was not easy. There were countless hours of practice and learning, making mistakes, and probably a lot of frustration that went into what they eventually were able to accomplish. They made it look easy and the world never saw their struggles and failed attempts. Did you know that Thomas Edison had 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb? He even had a teacher say he was too stupid to learn anything. Amazing! Thank goodness that all of these people never gave up or listened to ridicule. They just kept working and believing in what they were doing until they made it look easy.

We do this in our everyday activities and jobs. It is no effort for us to get washed, dressed, eat breakfast, and brush our teeth. Think of your job, whether it be a stay-at-home parent, top executive, or a movie star. You have probably mastered your task learning how to move through your day and routine flawlessly. Some may even think that you aren’t working that hard because you have the routine down pat and know how to handle the unexpected. You know how to plan ahead, organize, and keep the ball rolling as you secretly adapt things as needed. You do this most of the time with a smile on your face because you really like what you are doing.

It’s pretty magical when you reach this point of mastery. The only challenge is that when you make things look so easy, no one can see how truly hard you are working to make it look this way. Then, you get more work piled on you. Since you are an over worker to begin with and can figure out how to manage your time, you take on that extra work. Eventually, you feel like you can’t ever sit and rest because you will get behind on your work. So you push and push and push yourself further.

This is so very true of my story. So when my husband said something needed to be done and I needed to do it because I had more free time than him, it just lit me up. At first, I got very defensive and just couldn’t even speak because I was so mad. Then I realized what a good job I am doing keeping the house together, running errands, teaching the kids, taking the kids to all their lessons, arranging playdates with their friends, taking care of the dogs, and running a business. Like all these other amazing people that came before me, Einstein, Edison, Perlman, etc., I made my everyday activities look easy, but it is not! It is a lot of very hard work and a lot of unsuccessful attempts and constant adaptations that go unseen. Sometimes I feel like I am barely holding it together. That’s when I remind myself to breathe. Stop. Take a moment, acknowledge what I have accomplished, and be proud, not frustrated.

Opportunities are knocking, but only let them in if you have time. 

 ~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: We are going to do owl eyes to stretch the ulnar nerve that controls the pink and ring finger. This nerve also travels through the elbow. Place your fingers in an I’m ok position touching the thumb and ring finger. Flip your hands upside down and place your fingers on your cheeks with fingertips pointing down to the jaw. The circle that your thumb and ring finger made will be over your eyes. See things differently. Holding your hands in this position take a few minutes each to look to the North, South, East, and West.

*If this is too hard, just complete the waiter holding a tray pose in the following picture. Envision all that you do resting on the tray and then make it feel lightweight as you look in each direction.

Exercise: Lift that laundry basket with your core on! LOL Actually, this week really focus on activating your core when lifting or carrying anything.

Habitual Change: Stop squinting. Wear sunglasses and/or a hat outside to protect your eyes and get your eyes checked regularly.

Perspective enlightenment: These are not problems. They are opportunities.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking a new landscape, but in having new eyes.

 ~ Marcel Proust

Journaling option: Write out a list of all the amazing things that you have accomplished. What opportunities is life presently offering you? Do you have the time?

This week’s blog post coincides with week 8 of the Voyage to HEAL which includes arm releases and “I am Enough” meditation. Please listen to this meditation or purchase this week in the store on the webpage. You can also purchase the Inner Peace Meditation CD or start your full on-line Voyage to HEAL. Click here to visit the store. 

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL





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