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May Flowers

According to Google, one definition of flower is:
noun: flower; plural noun: flowers

  1. the finest of individuals out of a number of people or things.
    • the period of optimum development.

2. to be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly.
There are stages in life when we are all the most beautiful flower ever seen and times when our leaves are wilted and there are no blooms atop our stem. Even then, when we look our worst, we can be well rooted and continue to grow. During these times we must seek nourishment in the soil around us so we can flower into the finest of individuals.
Knowing what type of flower you are will help in determining the type of care you will need. Are you a tulip that needs to be planted in the spring, root during the winter, and blossom in the spring indicating the need for time to fully develop? Are you a cabbage that is hardy and strong, best in the winter? Know thy self and to thy own self be true. In that you will develop fully and richly.

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