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Setting Attainable Goals

We all set goals for our life, our job, our bucket list, our competitive goals, etc., but how do we set ourselves up to achieve these goals? First, we must understand the basic format of a goal starting with a long term goal that we will then break down into a short term goal.

1. Identify what you want to achieve.

2. Set a time frame that is realistic to achieve this goal

3. Identify what it will look like when you achieve this goal

4. Identify a measurement that will indicate you have achieved your goal.

So each goal will have a subject (you), an action, a measurement, and a time frame.

Example 1: The Sunshine Team and I (subject) will open a retreat center (action) offering 5 services (measurement) within 3 years (time frame).

Example 2: Speckles (subject) will achieve flying lead changes (action) 5 consistent times (measurement) within the next year.(time frame)

Make sure that the goals are realistic and written in pencil so that you can change them as needed. The best goal is a flexible goal.

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