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Super powers

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I have two super powers. I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime and I can find things. I have always been really good at finding things.

When I was a kid, I was accused of scanning the environment for Easter eggs before anyone woke up because I always found more than my brother found. The truth. I am really good at searching for things. I love word searches and puzzles for that exact reason. I’m good at figuring out challenges because I can find the solutions through various paths. I also always have faith that what I need will show up or manifest itself within time.

My husband doesn’t hold this same belief and frequently gets upset when something is lost. Even if it wasn’t me that put it away or in a spot, I always seem to know where things are. I remember seeing them or somehow just know based off of people’s habits. It’s my super power.

For example, my husband couldn’t find his spare set of keys and was all upset because he was going to have to buy a new one. I said wait and they will just show up. He said no things like that don’t just show up. Well, the next day his friend walked in with his car keys that he had accidentally taken. Another time my husband was a bit bent out of shape because we couldn’t find one of the bicycle helmets. Once again, I said it will show up just be patient. Lo and behold I was at the babysitter’s the other day and there was the helmet that we had lent her for when our daughter was riding her bike.

Here just recently I had misplaced a very special pair of earrings. I remembered seeing them in a purse or backpack or something but at the time I wanted to wear them I could not find them. Now, these were earrings that have been passed down for three generations and I actually lost them individually two other times in my life and they have always shown back up. One time the earring fell out in front of my house and I drove over it. Fortunately, one day when I was walking to my car I saw the earring on the ground. Another time I was getting out of my car and my purse hit my ear and the earring went flying. My husband used his metal detector in the grass at my friend’s house and was able to find them. So I had a strong faith that I was going to find my earrings again. Yes, you guessed it. All of a sudden as I was sitting in meditation I remembered where I saw the earrings and now they are safely back in my jewelry box.

Not just sometimes, but all the time we need to have faith that what we are looking for will come to us. If it doesn’t., then we weren’t meant to have it and there is something better out there.

We all have a super power that is working for us to achieve all our heart’s desires.

What are your super powers? How do they help you? How can they guide you to achieving your heart’s desire? What are your heart’s desires? Find out and you will know the path God has laid before you.

This week’s focus:

Postural Correction: Present yourself like a super hero. Let your posture reflect who you are.

Exercise: Superman’s- lay on your stomach with a pillow under your stomach. Extend both arms in front of you. Zip up those core muscles and then lift up your arm (s). Hold them here for 10 – 20 seconds for 5 times.

Stretch: On your stomach, come up onto your elbows for a gentle trunk extension. Try this in standing or sitting by reaching your arms overhead and slightly reaching back. Keep the core muscles on. My favorite way to do this is laying on my back with a pillow or blanket under my lower back.

Meditation: I am a superhero. I give myself permission to use and show off my super powers.

This blog coincides with chapter 10: Leg releases/ God’s plan in the Voyage to HEAL.

God speed on your Voyage to HEAL.

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