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The Finish Line

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The Finish Line!

I can’t believe I have finally finished a task that has taken years to accomplish and I couldn’t be more proud of it. You’ll have to check out the website, specifically the Voyage to HEAL, to see what I am talking about. ( :

So what now? I know I have to share it, but now I have completed a goal I have been working so incredibly hard on. Sometimes we set goals and work so hard to achieve them and feel empty when all is finished. These are external goals that we use to make us happy. When you set intrinsic goals, every step of the process is an accomplishment, you have no timelines, and you allow God to manifest what his plan for you is.

The best part of being at the finish line is that I know it really isn’t the end. This is the first step in some truly wonderful things to come.

How do you set intrinsic goals? First, you must distinguish between long-term and short-term goals. We will cover long-term goals this week and short-term goals next week.

  1. All goals must be measurable. For example, I will run 5 miles in 35 minutes within 1 year feeling great at the finish line.
  • What will you achieve?
  • How much assistance will you need or energy will you exert?
  • In what duration of time?
  • How will you feel at the end?
  1. Ask why does this matter. For example, I want to achieve a better level of cardiac health and be able to keep up with my kids.
  2. How will this impact my life? For example, I love my kids and want to feel good running around with them and not be tired all the time.

Here, the goal is not just to run 5 miles in 35 minutes, but rather to improve the quality of time with my children. Once this goal is achieved, I will keep going and not feel like it was a bucket list. Keep your goals positive with a focus on self-love, not being better than someone or something, and never right a goal that is fear-based. For example, I want to run a 5k so I do not die of a heart attack before age 50. Doesn’t sound as nice and then you fill your body with fear as your motivator rather than self-love. How would God write a goal for you? I bet he would say I want you to run a 5k so you can experience all the riches of life for many years to come because that is what you deserve. 


God has but one plan for you and that is to be happy ~ You Inner Guide 


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Focus

Stretch:  Let’s get very focused and just stand still. Feel your feet on the earth and allow the energy to rise up and the wisdom from the heavens to shine down on you helping you to set your goals according to God’s plan.

Exercise:  Go do something cardiac-related. Get your heart rate up over 100 for a few minutes at a time as long as it is within your cardiac ability. Ride an exercise bike, walk fast, do jumping jacks, walk up a flight of stairs or hill quickly, jog in place, or play a sport with your kids/grandkids.

Habitual change: Stop rushing around. Find peace in getting ready for events and running late.

Enlightened Perspective: I will set my goals to follow my heart and God’s plan.

Journaling Option: What goal could you set that would improve your life?

This week’s Voyage to HEAL blog coincides with week #9 God’s plan. I highly recommend completing this meditation while standing and listening to God’s plan for you. You will see it. Trust. Have faith and be still.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL






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