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The Life of my Pet

I want the life of my pets.
Life seems to be black or white for them. It’s simple, not complex. They do not have to make any major decisions. They never worry if they have made the right decision or not, so they are never right or wrong.
Now, as much as I enjoy hearing that I am right, especially from my husband, there are times that I do not want to be the person making the final decision. So I stop and think, would I want a life directed by someone else in which I never had to make a decision. The answer to that is pretty easy- definitely not! Imagine not making a decision on the food you ate, the clothes you wore, what you did each day, who you interacted with, and on and on. You would feel powerless and lack your own beautiful identity.
So what if I was the sole person in charge making all the decisions? I would probably get bogged down with way too many options. It would be like going to a restaurant with a five page menu in a foreign language. I’d feel overwhelmed and exhausted because things aren’t always black and white easy decisions to make. One action by one person effects the lives of thousands of people. Think of the effect one pebble has in a pond.
So should we worry about making the right or wrong decision considering the domino effect it may have? No, because what is going to happen will happen now or later. Whether you make the right choice or “wrong” choice someone will benefit and someone may suffer. Therefore, there really is no right or wrong, just a part of our souls purpose here on earth. When we were born, we all took on this responsibility, some more than others. Most importantly, we need to take that pressure off of ourselves to always be perfect. Place those tough decisions in the hands of a higher power and proceed forward.
Now, we get back to the first point, I still want the life of my pets. They never worry. They make a decision, if it doesn’t turn out as they’d like, they just move on. May we all live the life of our pets.

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