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The Shift

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There are 2 options for the pelvis to move in 6 different directions. This week, it’s time to work on making a shift physically and mentally.

Last week I mentioned that there are two options to a dilemma: Love or Fear. This week, let’s implement Love. Shift away from fear. Shift away from hate. Shift away from worry and shift toward making Heaven here on earth.

To me, Heaven isn’t a palace in the sky. Heaven is right here. We often think we will be in Heaven only when we become a spirit, but doesn’t our spirit dwell inside of us? So if Heaven is where our spirit lives and our spirit lives inside of us that means that Heaven is inside of us. I know that Heaven can be here on earth because I see the spirit of my horse, my dog, my dad, my relatives, my friends. They haven’t left. They are just in true spirit form without a physical body for transportation. Their spirit shows me life without fear, without hate, without worry. When I see them, they are happy, full of light, and surrounded by peace. They are here with me on earth and since I know they are in Heaven, but still her with me, then I too must be in Heaven because they sure didn’t go elsewhere.

Maybe Heaven really is merely a feeling or a state of mind more than a place. It’s a happy bubble. I’m not always there. I wish I was, but if I just shift my mind, I can be anywhere and so can you. Join me in making this shift to the other side. Bring Heaven to you rather than waiting for you to get to Heaven. Shift your mind.

“Heaven is a State of Mind… Heaven is not a time or a place. Heaven is a state of mind where you allow yourself to experience love and gratitude and where you allow yourself to experience your connection with your Source.” ~ Steven Fisher

I highly recommend reading his full blog post.



Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

*This video was made several years ago and demonstrates the pelvic inflare and shift, but does not have the meditation as do present videos.

Stretch: Pelvic Shift. The pelvis can shift to the right or to the left as if holding a baby on one side of your hip. To correct this or just take your pelvis through a range of motion, lay on your side. Place a folded towel or thin pillow under your hip. Soften into this position. Repeat the stretch on both sides. Hold until you feel your body and mind soften into the stretch.

Exercise: Stand with your side next to a wall. Place a pillow between you and the wall. Shift your pelvis/push your hip into the wall. Hold 5 seconds 5x. Repeat on the opposite side. If you know you have a shifted pelvis, go in the opposite direction of the shift.

Habitual Change: If you tend to stand with your hand resting on one hip and your weight shifted to one leg, try to stand on both feet equally or shift the other way.

Perspective Enlightenment: When my mind is in Hell, I can shift my mind to be in Heaven.

Journal Option: What does Heaven feel like?

Godspeed on your

Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.



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