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The untethered soul

I am reading a book right now called the untethered soul and it proposes a few really good questions when you are having internal conversations with your mind and trying to solve problems. It says that when a problem is disturbing you ask yourself what part of me is being disturbed by this. After that ask yourself who is it that says this? Who notices this inner disturbance?
It then goes on to say that is the difference between a spiritually minded person and a worldly person. Worldly doesn’t mean that you have money or stature. Worldly means that you think the solution to your inner problems is in the world outside. Do you think that if you change things outside, he’ll be okay. But nobody has ever truly become okay by changing things outside. There’s always the next problem. The only real solution is to take the seat of witness Consciousness and completely change your frame of reference. To attain true inner Freedom, you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them.
This Book Is by Michael A Singer

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