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The Voice of God

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Week #7 in the Voyage to HEAL focuses on the face and the voice of God. The background behind this class came about when I realized that God wasn’t just an entity in the heavens that I would meet someday upon the death of my physical body. It was an amazing revelation when I realized that God really does live inside of me and that believe it or not, God and I are one. Yep, that’s right, I am God, but so are you and if God lives inside of all of us then every word that comes out of my mouth is the voice of God. Wow, there’s some pressure, right? Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think because when we begin to see and hear the world through the eyes and ears of God we can become so much more compassionate, understanding, and loving. Then speaking the words of God isn’t really all that difficult. In fact, it makes for a lot more peace in your life.

So, give it a go. Be God. Hear, see, and speak the the world through God’s perspective.

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