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I have come to realize that in life there are so many things that we want right away but it’s not always the right time. For instance after I had my first daughter I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I kept pushing and pushing and pushing myself to try to lose the weight. It didn’t matter I still never got back to my pre-pregnancy weight because the time was not right. It was a rather stressful time with all of the transitioning and trying to figure her out. I realize, the second time around, it is so much easier to lose the weight because I’m not stressed and I feel so much better.
This time around I am NOT trying to do more than what my body is capable of doing. I have learned an even deeper respect for meeting my body where it is at physically and mentally.
As I work with my clients I try to take this into consideration with recommendations that I offer. We all must take a look at how much we are demanding of ourselves in comparison to what our goals are. It is better to take it slow then force things to happen. When force is used a battle begins and nobody wins.
This is at the core concept of myofascial release. Listen to the body and you will know what you need.

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