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TRANSCENSION: The act of Transcending
Marianne Williamson, in The Age of Miracles, wrote a beautiful passage about transcension. “Growth can be hard, and laboring a new self very difficult. Growing older just happens; growing wise is something else again. And by a certain point in life, most of us have been hurt. We have been disappointed. We have had dreams die, and find it hard to forgive ourselves and others. The challenge of age is not to skip life’s disappointments but to transcend them. We transcend them by learning the lessons they taught us, however painful, and coming out on the other side prepared to create, with God’s help, a new life”. She follows this with a prayer that I feel is a gift to anyone reading her book and a gift I share with you now:
Dear God,
May my spirit be reborn, that I might be a better person.
I give you my shame over whom I have sometimes been,
and my hopes for whom I wish to be. Please receive them both.
May your transcensions lead you to a better place.

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