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Try another way

So yesterday at yoga class I found myself moving quickly through some of the poses. As the instructor had us do a gentle rocking activity, I found myself doing it very fast. This was the same feeling as several other stretches with motion. It took me awhile to tell myself to slow down and try another way.
Later on that day I noticed as I eat, I am eating very fast in anticipation that one of my girls will need something. This does me no good as then I over eat.
So my challenge to all of you is to try another way. Take note of the repetitive things that you do in your life and try another way and see what happens. I know when I slowd down I gave myself permission to enjoy all things in my day.
Ironically enough I had been looking through a book by Louise Hayes called Healing your body from A to Z. In this book she discusses the significance of different aches and pains with your emotional state. The two areas that I always have issues with both had relatively the same meaning about enjoying life. There are messages all around us if we slow down and listen to them.

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