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Vows of Armor

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We just had another amazing Voyage to HEAL week #4 class focusing on the back and our Vows of Armor. There are events in our life that create negative belief patterns such as I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve to be loved, I am never going to be safe. These beliefs are road blocks in progressing forward to peace and happiness. As we held our stretches and listened to the meditation, we retrained our mind to feel the brace that these beliefs physically created in our body as we tighten our muscles and then softened reminding ourselves that we deserve all the riches this world and God’s love can provide.
Throughout this week, become aware of those negative thoughts that pop into your mind, tighten up, and as you soften replace them with a positive, helpful belief.
God speed on your Voyage to HEAL.
Here’s a great stretch to hold while thinking of this. Simply place a pillow or folded blanket under your back and stretch.
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