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What could happen

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I can’t help but see the coincidence between the Coronavirus outbreak and this being the Lenten season, a time in which Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. During those 40 days and 40 nights, he was repeatedly tempted by the devil, but he held strong and the devil departed. He then returned to Galilee to preach the amazing miracles of God.

During this time, we can be consumed with fear and temptations. We could convince ourselves that the world is just over-reacting and we need to just carry on with our normal lives. We could be driven to ignore recommendations so that we can keep our businesses open because we have bills to pay. But what it all comes down to is faith that there is a bigger plan to all of this. Once this passes, like Jesus’ time in the desert, life will be so much richer.

Here’s what could happen:

  • Families will start spending more time together
  • People will eat at home more and get healthier because they are not eating out so much
  • We will see the benefit of slowing down and enjoying the time at home
  • We may all get caught up on our housework and spring cleaning!!!
  • There will be less travel for business which exhausts people, takes them away from their families and friends, and is really hard on the environment. Less business travel is a good thing.
  • More people will get to work from home which can be so healthy to stop the spread of germs, decrease stress from the work environment (like having to talk to someone when you really want to work, but they won’t leave you alone), and less time in a car which is better for everyone and the environment
  • There will be less rushing around to get to places and get errands done. Instead, we will realize that we can live with less
  • We will spend more time in the fresh air playing outside and returning to nature

Yes, there will be hardships, but this is the tipping point. The world has gotten very excessive in so many ways. Eventually, this event will ground us and bring us back to see what is really important to each of us.

Change doesn’t occur without chaos. Fortunately, you get to choose the intensity of the chaos-based on your level of resistance to change. Fight it and it will fight back. Find the good and have faith that this is all part of a greater plan to shift us to a higher quality of life, give us a deeper perspective on ourselves, and open up new opportunities. As Jesus eventually left the desert to do miraculous work, so shall we.


This Week’s Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks:

Stretch: At this time, we all just need to hang on. Grab onto a railing or sink ledge, something very sturdy, and lean back. Let your head drop down and feel that amazing stretch. Hold for at least 2 minutes. If you feel your body start to move or direct you into a different stretch, go for it! The myofascial release stretches are unique in that you are learning to slow down and listen to your body. Rather than you telling your body what to do, you are letting your body guide you. As you hold this stretch, think of all the positives that could happen having Faith over Fear. 

Exercise: Let’s get moving and activate those core muscles. In either sitting or standing, raise the opposite arm and leg. The most important part here is to move slowly with control and breathing as you move. Anybody can raise their arm and leg up and down. So this exercise challenges you to do this with control and stability. Try this 8x.

Habitual Change: As we are learning to maybe have less because we can’t go out shopping as we normally did, see how much less food you can eat, toilet paper and paper towels you can use, etc. Be conservative. For example, I realized that I use a lot of paper towels to clean up spills. I have some old burb clothes and washcloths that weren’t getting used, so I’m using those instead. A friend of mine uses cloth napkins rather than paper napkins. Of course, I am always an advocate for recycling rather than throwing away as well. We can all be a lot more conservative. 

Perspective Enlightenment: Let go of the fear that things will go wrong and you won’t have enough. Embrace that all your needs will be provided for. Ask yourself, what could happen while thinking positively. 

We hope to see you soon, but your health is most important to us. For that reason, we are not going to see clients or teach classes until we receive notice that the Coronavirus, COVID-19, has been contained. Not knowing how long this will be, we are working diligently to bring our classes and services to you on-line. Since we will not be seeing clients in person, Jocelyn is now offering 30-minute phone or video consultations. As always, there are several videos available for download in the store providing stretches and education on what to learn Healthy Everyday Activities for Life. Click Here to Visit our Store

Until then, Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.




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